Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday news and notes

Glider is growing up:

Two more weeks.

Summer B: Trying to register SGT. Mark for summer classes at the University of North has proven to be a bit of challenge from 6.5 hours away. However, the staff at UNF has been incredibly helpful in assisting an Iraq veteran prepare for school.

MLB: Major League Baseball has decided that Jacksonville, FL is not near Boston and has stopped blacking out the games here. I give MLB credit. It responded to my e-mails and fixed the problem. I subscribe to and can watch day games when I'm working (don't tell the boss). Infantry Dad: that's why the Sox have started slowly this year - the Jacksonville fans were disenfranchised.

Spring weather: It remains remarkably cool in Florida for this time of year. Normally summer starts the last week in March but we have had very, very strong winds for nearly two weeks...but it looks better today. Time for a walk on the beach.

Pops is back: ABNPOPPA is posting again after his wife passed away two weeks ago. He posted a wonderful tribute to his son Jacob who is in the same brigade of the 82nd Airborne as Mark. You can read it here.


Love Letters to an American Soldier said...

Oh boy, if you keep posting these pictures, we're all going to show up on your doorstep and demand to meet Glider in person :)

MightyMom said...

what a cutie! what breed is he?

Airborne dad said...

He's an Aussie, as in Australian shepherd.

We pick him up a week from Sunday.