Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Last day to file federal income tax.
15 days until new Airborne pup Glider arrives for a temporary stay in Ponte Vedra Beach.
16 days until the Florida Legislature ends...and normalcy returns to my job.
20 days until the Tournament Players Championship starts here.
44 days until hurricane season starts.
59 days left in the Army although not official.

Here's hoping for a normal, quiet and very boring summer. It's been four years and we are ready.

FYI, oldest son Mike had a close encounter with a bobcat Monday. See the photos at La Florida


MightyMom said...

normal? what the hell is normal???

it would be strange to be bored.....wonder what that would feel like......

Airborne dad said...

I don't know. Haven't been bored in years. But normal for us, I think, means not having a son in the Army.