Saturday, November 15, 2008

From the Fayetteville Observer

Sanford resident and Army wife Chelsea Shand, left, is presented a Ford Mustang by ‘Army Wives’ star Kim Delaney.

'Army Wives Gives Back'

By Hilary Kraus
Staff writer

SANFORD — “Army Wives Gives Back” has been very generous to breast cancer survivor Chelsea Shand.

Shand, a 34-year-old Fort Bragg Army wife and mother, received enough free bling from the Lifetime TV series to fill a foxhole.

There’s the big-ticket item: a 2009 limited-edition Ford Mustang convertible with dark pink stripes, which is part of Ford’s Warriors in Pink breast-cancer awareness program. She also was given a gift basket with items worth hundreds of dollars.

Shand was overwhelmed by the gifts, but she is taking advantage of the opportunity so she can give back.

On Oct. 26, her journey — about her diagnosis and recovery — was told in a two-minute segment that aired during an episode of “Army Wives.” The popular Lifetime TV series, which recently finished its second season, follows the lives of four Army wives, their families and life in the military.

Lifetime Television sponsored a campaign called “Army Wives Gives Back.” Women were asked to submit their stories of life as military wives. Two of the five stories selected came from wives of Fort Bragg soldiers: Shand and Jetta Fuhrman. Shand’s husband, Stefen, is a Special Forces soldier. Fuhrman’s husband, Patrick, is a jumpmaster. Both soldiers are deployed.

Now Shand, a talkative, self-confident Army wife is sharing first-hand knowledge of the importance of breast cancer awareness, particularly for young women.

Her message is this: Don’t put off getting a suspicious lump checked out, even if age is on your side and there’s no family history of cancer. Positive reassurance from doctors also shouldn’t be enough, she said.

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