Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bark v. Bite

Today is the annual Georgia-Florida football. The city is full of Bulldog (bark) and Gator (bite) fans. The Gators football team went by in a full, sirens blaring, police-escorted motorcade this morning around 10 o'clock. By law, I have to root for the Gators because we live in Florida and because the Gator's quarterback played football at SGT Mark's high school (they didn't know each other).

I am betting on the Bulldogs this year because their fans have left all of their dogs at friends houses in our neighborhood and they are barking up a storm.

SGT Mark has the day off today and will be back in the field tomorrow. The good news is that is warming up a bit at Ft. Bragg. The bad news: he will miss the Jaguars game against Cincinnati.


MightyMom said...

oh man, is he gonna see ANY of them??

ABNPOPPA said...


Bad day in Bedrock, doggies whimpered!

On the good side of it yes, the weather is warming up @ Ft. Bragg and Specialist Jacob's section was the only section in his outfit to certify and they got Friday off. Just in time to go to a Halloween party I am sure his wife would just as soon forget! Anybody got a bottle of aspirin?

Airborne dad said...


Not at this rate. He might be able to see a game over Thanksgiving.


Glad Jacob got the day off. The Bulldogs got spanked pretty hard yesterday and all the yapping dogs have disappeared from the neighborhood. :)