Sunday, April 20, 2008

SPC Sergio Sanchez

SPC Sergio Sanchez, who was acting as a designated driver for his buddies, died Saturday, the Fayetteville Observer reports.

Sanchez had stepped out of a Fayetteville night club and stumbled upon a robbery in progress in the early morning of April 12. He was robbed and shot by five or six street thugs.

Sanchez, a member of the 2nd Brigade, 82nd Airborne, had been home for 50 days after a 15-month tour in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Baghdad.

Our prayers are with his family and friends.


MightyMom said...


Infantry Dad said...

Not only sad, but ironic that some of these thugs might end up in the military, if they keep relaxing the rules of enlisment.
Just the kind of guys I'd like at my back in time of need. Hell you not only have to worry about the enemy, but getting robbed and murderred by your commrads.
What a sorry state of affairs.
Why doesn't anyone in government have the balls to stand up and call for a reinstatement of the draft?

Infantry Dad said...

Sorry, I guess I got carried away, and my comment wasn't appropriate for this post.
My prayers are with the Sanchez family.
I'm sickened that a good soldier, patriot, and hero could be taken from us like this.