Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Silly Season

The Silly Season officially starts tonight as Iowans caucus to decide whom they like for this year's presidential election. The Silly Season ends on Super Tuesday in February and then the Really Silly Season starts.

With the supposed lull in the violence, the war in Iraq has slid into second place in the polls as the issue that concerns most Americans. Once again, pocketbook issues, as they have in the past, have become the dominant issue at the election booth.

After the recent assassination in Pakistan and the rather weak responses by some of the leading candidates in both parties, it is clear that U.S. needs someone who understands the complexities of foreign policy.

Remarkably, some of the second tier candidates make more sense than some of their first tier competitors.

The Democrats have disenfranchised us here in Florida and the Republicans have marginalized us (probably not a bad thing given our wonderful 2000 election).

So when I head to the election booth in November to cast my only meaningful vote, I will be asking this question: "In to whose hands do I put the fate of my son."


Infantry Dad said...

Excellent points DaD.
It's Sunday here in New Hampshire.
The Caucuses have come and gone. Iowans had their say, and there wasn't a lot of surprise from where I sit.
Now we New Hampshirites are on the front lines, until Tuesday evening.
I will post a blog a little later with my thoughts, post debates last evening.
All peripheral issues aside, the one nescessity from this coming election is change.
They, (the candidates), all get it.
Who of the talkers will walk the walk when the talking is done is the important issue.
If we make the right choice, our sons will be in good hands.
and our country will avoid the train wreck that we are presently on the tracks too.
If we don't?
Well I'm not sure I want to think about four more years of business as usual.

Infantry Dad said...

Oh Yeah.
Pats and Jags next week baby.
Bring it on....

Infantry Dad said...
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Airbornedad said...


Give us some good candidates. We are definitely ready for a change.

According to my wife's Bush Backwards clock, we have 379 days, 11 hours, 4 minutes and 25 seconds to go.

And the Pats, they have always been the Jags spoiler on the way to the Super Bowl.

Infantry Dad said...

Based on the debates, Republicans would do well to look long and hard at Huckabee.
I'm favoring a Obama/Edwards team, not necessarily in that order.

Rep. Ron Paul has some good ideas, but the supposed leaders are keeping him out of the spot light.

Dem. Bill Richardson is getting the same treatment from his party.

The Pats are ripe for the picking..
They just haven't played up to their potential the last few games.

Airbornedad said...

OK Dad,

Time for a friendly wager: Pats win, I'll be you a beer when I am in Boston in July.

Jags win, you have to buy me a beer next time your in Florida.


Infantry Dad said...

I'll do you one better.
I'll buy you a lobster dinner, or your choice, if you don't like lobster, when your in Bostan if the Jags win.
And seeing how I don't plan on being in God's waiting room anytime soon, if the Pat's win, I'll meet up with you in Boston and you can buy me a beer.
The only problem might be theweek in July.
We will be in Washington state when the 2nd ID 23rd INF 4th Brigade arrives home.

Airbornedad said...

I like it. I will up the ante to a lobster dinner on my side.

My niece is getting married on July 26. She is only girl born into our family in about 145 years, so it's a big deal. My brother lives in Waltham.

But I also know that a homecoming absolutely trumps everything.

A little surprised at the results on the Dem side this a.m.

And God's waiting room...never thought about it that way. :)

Infantry Dad said...

The end of July should work.
Their supposed to be back mid July.
We'll figure out the logistics when the time comes.

I was realy surprised by the outcome on the
Dem side.
I thought Mitt would win on the Republican side.
I also thought that Edwards would do better.
I hope the rest of the country is smarter then us......

Airbornedad said...

OK, Dad.

We are on. Should be, I hope, an interesting game.

Infantry Dad said...

I think it will be a very interesting game.
And a lobster dinner is just as good, free or not.
I didn't mean to over look the importance of your niece being the only girl born in the family in 145 years.
Thart is truly amazing.

Airbornedad said...


I was lucky. Almost posted a double-or-nothing at half time last night but glad I restrained myself.

The Pats are a machine. I've never seen anything like it. We make five mistakes and we lose by 11.

Impressive. Congrats. Hope Matt is well.

Infantry Dad said...

DaD too,
You saw what I was talking about in the first half tho.. They're defense can be suspect.
They have so many offensive weapons that their difficult to stop. The Jags took Randy Moss completely out of the equation and Welker and Watson made em pay.
I thought the Jags played a game that would have won over most NFL teams. That huge offensive line was impressive.
I can taste the lobster now. lol.
Next week might be a different story.
Indy has as many weapons a the Pats.
But the Pats have revenge to gain after last year.

Infantry Dad said...

Oh yeah,
I heard from Matt today.
He's doing well.
They were part of the huge offensive (Phoenix), last week.
They were out for four days.
It was snowing for the first time in years, and cold rain. He said it was 20 degrees one night.
They're moving again soon, and I doubt it will be to a more peaceful neighborhood.
I'm in favor of them doing more bombing, like last Tuesday.

Airbornedad said...

Glad Matt's OK. Gayle and I are starting our coffee deployment again. I will let you know when it goes out.

Didn't hear anything about an offensive....may be the subject of a future post.

Infantry Dad said...

Dad, I guess I over looked the Saints...

I'll have to update you on Matt's address. They should be moving again soon, back to the first address I gave you.
Drop me an email when you need it.

Infantry Dad said...

The Saints????
What was I thinking????
I meant the Chargers of course...