Monday, January 21, 2008

From the blogosphere

Here's some interesting Iraq related posts from other blogs:

Charlie The Dog:

For an update on the efforts to bring Charlie The Dog back to the U.S. from Baghdad, see the recent post from Eighty Deuce on the Loose, linked in the sidebar on the right. Charlie Company of the 1-504 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne has adopted a stray who has been living at its Forward Operating Base in Baghdad (or rather the dog adopted them). Some of the soldiers have gone to great lengths to take care of him and have him vaccinated. Now they are trying to find a way to send him back to the States before they redeploy home.

Vacation and blogging:

Jan Wesner blogs at Standing By, which is also linked on the sidebar. Her husband has recently returned from Iraq so she is taking a seven day sabbatical with her family. But her readers have continued on with out her and there are now 141 comments on her last entry. It's a testament to how a blog can bring together folks with a common interest. In this case, it's the war.

Update on Operation Phantom Phoenix:

See Bill Roggio's The Long War Journal for an update on an offensive under way in Iraq. This operation has received little or no coverage in the media stateside. The story is linked on the right under Recently Read. It's called "Al Qaeda in Iraq's shrink area of operations."


Jan Wesner said...

By the end of my vacation there were 204 comments left in my absence!

This thing we call the blogosphere sure is amazing.

Airbornedad said...

It is truly amazing what you have created. I stop by almost every day.

Diana said...

Charlie the Dog might be helped to get to the USA by the Best Friends Network, They just brought back two dogs being looked after by a soldier who died in his sleep on Christmas Day. The dogs have been brought to his family in the US. Best Friends are a DYNAMITE animal care organization - they have taken care lots of the Michael Vick case dogs.

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