Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

I'm not sure when the media termed the biggest shopping day of the year as Black Friday. I don't remember that term when I was wandering the floors of the newsroom way back in my first career.

At any rate, 23 years ago today at eight minutes past Thanksgiving Day, our airborne trooper arrived in this world. Little did we know then.

In 1984 with Vietnam still fresh in our memories, I don't think we could have ever imagined the events of 9/11 and the wars that have followed. Or that we would ever have a son who went off to war.

But he his home now. And we are very grateful (and mindful of those who are still overseas).

So today he and his brothers are out doing their part to make sure retail sales are not so bleak. No Black Fridays here.

What do you give a soldier son who appears to have everything? This year it will be a hug and a "Thank God you are back!"


Hope said...

I watched families welcoming their loved ones home yesterday at an airport. It was such a privilege. thank you for the sacrifices you and yours have made for us.

Airbornedad said...

Thanks for stopping by. Had a great weekend with our airborne trooper.

Jan Wesner said...

I'm still recovering from my Black Friday shopping exploits, and it's Sunday night!
Happy Belated birthday to your soldier!

Airbornedad said...

Thanks, Jan. My oldest son did quite well on Black Friday. Turns out he bought the same TV that Mark did but for $800 less.

Turns out I don't know what Black Friday meant. I am old enough to remember covering Black Monday when the Dow dropped 500-600 points, back when that was a big deal. I will get my metaphors straight next time.

MightyMom said...

happy birthday to another Thanksgiving baby!!
mine had his big 4 on the 25th :-)