Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Family get-togethers

Bravo, Delta and elements of HHC companies arriving at the Green Ramp on Saturday.

At Sports USA Sunday afternoon

To paraphrase an TV advertisement (I hate doing this, but it works):

Jacksonville Jaguar jerseys: $80

Beer, wings, onion rings, cheeseburgers, etc.: $85

First family get-together without a deployment in the future: priceless.

We have been fortunate to have several family gatherings in the past, but for the last two years there has always been the specter of an overseas deployment sitting in the room with us. Last year, before Mark's unit was scheduled to redeploy to the States, there had been persistent Joe rumors about being extended. When they finally arrived in the States, they had been here for six days when they were told they were heading back. Block leave was cut short and they took off on Jan. 4.

At least he was home for the holidays.

This year, no rumors. So we are allowing ourselves to relax and knowing he is going to be around for awhile.

But we know that for every ounce of euphoria we feel, there is a pound of anxiety being felt by a family whose son has been sent back overseas.


liberal army wife said...

ya know, it's wierd...I have felt like he's just home on leave/between TDY's/deployments for a while. It is just now sinking in that he's home for about a year! (or so they say....) priceless, absolutely!


Airbornedad said...


Agreed. We are just getting used to the idea and finding how many things we don't have to do: like watching the news, obsessively crawling the web, checking car bombs against our Baghdad city map....we are loving it.

Infantry Dad said...

Dad also,
To hell with the pound of anxiety, we'll deal with that.
It's your turn to enjoy the ounce of euphoria.
You earned it.

Infantry Dad said...

I cut myself off.
I meant to end with, our ounce of euphoria will come.
We've got a quarter ounce now.
$185 worth of dinner and drinks last night was worth every penny.
Wish you could have been there.

Matt's mentioned the coffee many times.
I hope to get him to write a post, but he's real shy.

AirborneParaInf82 said...

Ahh how beautiful green ramp looks. I can only imagine how happy they must be to be standing there. Hope yall had a good time at Sports USA and I'm glad your son has made it home. I'm jelous, but understanding that his time was done. Our time should be soon and I cannot wait! Cherish every moment.