Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

From SGT Mark M. Middlebrook:

   Memorial Day is considered the unofficial start of summer and indeed it probably is.  Today across this vast and beautiful country of ours backyard barbecues are being put to good use, friends and family are traveling near and far, and bathing suits are being donned.  While Memorial Day has become a treasured holiday to finally shrug off winter and welcome summer we must not forget the day’s true meaning.  Memorial 
Day is not a day for our honorable veterans; Memorial Day is instead a day when we honor those no longer among us.  It is a day to honor those who answered a far off call and never returned home.  They answered the call knowing they may lose their lives but did so in order to preserve something that they love, something much greater than any one individual.
            We take time to remember this nation's fallen sons and daughters but we must also remember their families.  They all lost a piece of themselves the day they each received the terrible news brought to them from a foreign land.  They are left here in this life forced to bear the pain and continue the memory of a fallen patriot.  They must never be forced to bear such a burden alone.  The ones they lost did not give their lives solely for their families; they gave their most precious possession so that torch of freedom could continue to illuminate the world.  They gave their lives for each and everyone of us who knows what it means to be free.  So I ask that all who hear or read these words take a moment and remember those valiant men and women as well as their families.  Take a moment so that we may all share the burden that is the cost of the American way of life.


Stacy said...

Hope all is well with you. Been stopping by to check on you am getting a little worried. I don't do much blogging anymore since I discovered Facebook, but do stop by to check in on everyone daily.

Airborne dad said...

Thanks, Stacy. Hope things are well with your family.

We are doing well. SGT Mark is attending classes at UNF and will head to law school in 18 months.

I've been taking our Aussie pup to training classes on Saturdays, which is when I did most of my posting. I should be back on the case in a couple of weeks when the class ends.

I am still posting at almost every day though.