Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday news and notes

  • Mark's former 1SG (now SGM) retired Thursday and was awarded the Legion of Merit for his service. He had a profound impact on my son and his wife, who was one of  our Family Readiness Group's leaders, kept Gayle and I grounded during what was arguably one of the more difficult times in our lives. Congratulations to both and thank you for being there when we needed it. The Legion of Merit, by the way, is a very big deal.
  •  Health update: I cease to be radioactive March 6. That means I can take down the radioactive "danger to small children and pregnant women" signs and have to pay up for the thin mints I ordered from the Girl Scouts pre-surgery. I will also lose my excuse for not doing the grocery shopping :)
  • My very generous brother and SIL gave me an Kindle (an e-reader) to help recuperate and I have been plowed through three e-books in the last couple of weeks.  On my fourth now. It's been very helpful getting through some of the more tedious Winter Olympic events.


MightyMom said...

so how do you like the kindle? I'm thinking I'd prefer paper myself...but the portability is sooo inticing!

Airborne dad said...

We've been living in the same house for 26 years and run out of space for books, so the Kindle has been great. And, since I am spending so much time in Drs. offices....and the docs are always late...I can read what I want to read and not what they have discarded.