Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sigh. Another outrage

If there is a benefit to spending so much time being stuck with needles and registering for procedures, it's some of the interesting people you meet.

On Friday, a young intake clerk was running through all of the permission forms needed for next week's seed implant. She asked if there was another person beyond my wife that should be listed as an emergency contact. SGT Mark, of course (the medical training he received in the Army has been very helpful).

She started talking about her twin brother who has recently completed his tour of duty with the Marine Corps. He is now in Charlotte, NC attending school and waiting on his GI Bill benefits. He went to a restaurant that was hiring servers and applied for a job to make ends meet.

On his application, he listed his recent job experience:

Squad leader.
One tour in Iraq. Just back from Afghanistan.

The restaurant manager looked at the application and said "You haven't really served anyone in quite a while."

He didn't get the job.

He told his twin later: "Served anyone? What did he think I was doing the last five years. I was making life-and-death decisions every day. And I'm not qualified to wait tables?"

His sister was outraged and so are we.


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There's a moron if I ever heard one. Thank G-d for people like the Twin and Sgt Mark. I echo MM, unbelievable!

MightyMom said...

I'd like to introduce you to Lisa, a brand new Military Mom.