Sunday, December 20, 2009

Preparing for Christmas

One of the vestiges having three grown sons (two have moved on) is the tons of stuff they have left behind: rock collections, baseballs, and the like. For example, today I decided to charge the digital and video cameras in preparation for the weekend and pulled out a box of AC adapters/chargers. There were 26.

I spent about six hours trying to reunite the chargers with their devices, which can be tricky because they all have different power outputs.

Eleven were united to the proper cameras, hurricane lanterns and radios, etc. Nine are still orphans, including one car charger. One device, a remote controlled boat, has no charger. Six, all from deceased cell phones, are heading for hazardous was day.

I also found a Sony Walkman CD player that no one wants, three sets of ear buds and two sets of head phones.

But the cameras are charged and ready to go.


MightyMom said...

hahaha, you could write a spoof of twas the night before christmas with that fodder!!

ABNPOPPA said...


Boy, am I glad you posted that. I thought I was the only one with 15 cell phone chargers, a drawer full of somewhat dead batteries, and a couple wires I don't have a clue as to what they go to!

Merry Christmas,

We still say that in our house.


Airborne dad said...

We do to Pops. Have a very Merry Christmas. We will be thinking about you.

liberal army wife said...

I have learned to use my handy dandy label maker, and label the chargers. otherwise I go NUTS>


Airborne dad said...


I now have a label maker and have labeled all the adapters I have identified. I should have thought about that a long time ago.