Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday notes

Off topic: Florida-Georgia game

Every year, Jacksonville hosts the annual Florida-Georgia football game, a legendary rivalry that takes on a life of its own when the teams face off with each other. And every year, tens of thousands of crazed football fans descend on the city. It's a tradition that goes back 77 years and it's been very good to the city. For Beaches residents, it means sirens, motorcades and the occasional crazy driver.

To that end and to the driver who nearly rear-ended me on A1A yesterday, I was in the left lane because I was making LEFT turn into my neighborhood. That's what turn signals are for. And thank you for the single finger salute, Florida is number one.

Afghanistan coverage

With the increasing violence in Afghanistan, the mainstream media have ramped up its coverage. NBC's Brian Williams was in Kabul last week and while there was a lot of predictable coverage of the intense fighting and election maneuvering, not all was gloom.

Here's a story about the Special Forces helping Afghans obtain essential medical help.

Close to home

Some of the most recent incidents have involved soldiers and Marines with parents here at the Beaches. Too close to home. We worry mightily for all of them.

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