Thursday, September 3, 2009

Facts I have learned about the VA

Those of you who are ETSing out of the service and expect the Veteran's Administration to hop right on your benefits applications, don't.

Last year in the Southeast Region, 7,000 former service men and women filed for GI Bill benefits. This year, 50,000 applied. The regional office in Atlanta has hired 400 temporary workers to process the applications. Somewhere in that pile of applications is Mark's.

Calling your Congressional rep. helps but only in finding out information. The VA will not expedite an application at the request of a Congressional rep.

VA resources, such as hospitals, are not spread across the nation based on where the vets are. Florida, the third most populous state, has four VA hospitals. Chicago has six. During the winter, the Chicago hospitals ramp down because their veterans have headed south to - guess where - Florida.

Florida has the second largest veteran population in the nation.

No wonder things are slow here.

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MightyMom said...

wonder which state has the highest pop?

lots of people leaving the military is NOT a good sign.