Monday, March 17, 2008

Fifth anniversary

From Airborne Dad:

Virtually every major news outlet has been featuring some sort of look back at America's last five years in Iraq. Lots of would of, could of and should ofs.

The comment that hit the hardest was from NBC's Richard Engel, who said the soldiers in Iraq believe that America has moved on despite the daily sacrifices of the troops.

"The only people who are paying attention right now are their families and friends, not the American people."

My comment: How have we let this happen?


MightyMom said...

HEY!!! I'm still here!!!


and I'm not alone!!!!!!

The only reason the troops feel that way (if the MSM is telling the truth) is because no matter what folks like me do for our troops we're talking into a big damn VACUUM!!!!!!!!!! When's the last time you saw any media coverage of folks SUPPORTING the troops?? As opposed to when's the last time you saw protestors???

The only frikkin America that has "moved on despite the daily sacrifices of the troops" is the America that N-Bastard-C wants to portray!! to undermine the confidence of our troops and further the political agenda of their corporate owners.

People see what they want to see and if all you (speaking to Mr Engel, not you Dad) want to see is an America that's forgotten it's troops then go shit in the wind. Cuz YOU STINK!!

(OK, I"m gonna go lie down for a bit. Think the BP's a little high)

Cookie..... said...

That is most certainly what they would like the troops to believe, but from the troops I talk to (in all branch's), they understand that what the MSM is saying IS NOT the truth.

That said, they do however need reassurence from blogs like yours, MightyMom's, mine and others, so take heart amigo...there's alot of us out there...


Stephanie said...

Okay, so how do we let them know that the "main stream media" isn't really mainstream? The everyday, real life Americans out here support our troops, but no one ever asks us, do they?

mommyof5 said...

I pray and will continue to pray until all our troops are home and safe. I pray for the families of the troops that have died, I pray for their children, and there spouse that are now single parents. My heart aches each time I hear another one of our fines has died. It make me sick that some many are away from their families, fighting for us to be free. And so many people can't take a minute to say Thank You to them and their families for what they are doing!!
I am here and we will never forget and never stop praying!!

MammyT said...

I don't know how we can directly communicate with them, but we all know someone with a family member over there. Can't we place messages with them to forward for us. My friend talks to her fiancee' by phone from Iraq about twice a week. And I'm sure she could mail him things too.

Diane J. said...

Here's one American who is proud and grateful for all our soldier's hard work and sacrifices to keep us safe and free.

Diane Jennings

Infantry Dad said...

Great post.
You got some emotions working.
My comment is in the form of a post.
Read it here.
I didn't want to fill up yur comment section.

MightyMom said...

See, I told you I wasn't alone!

Airbornedad said...


You were right.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by. I was heartened by the comments. I'm not the only one who heard the comments on NBC. It's popped up on some other military family blogs.

I do know that support for the troops overseas is deep here. It's just not often apparent. My friends over the last three years now go out of their way to ask about SPC Mark and he doesn't know most of them. These have been tough wars to get your arms victory gardens, no war bonds (which I would buy) etc. Maybe we need to be more creative in letting our soldiers know that we think/pray/support them every single day.

SHanda said...

Everyone at Mommies United Support our troops...God Bless all of them!!!

Lucy Stern said...

I thank all of our troops for the sacrifices that they make. I wrote this blog just last week.

Hang in there, we are here to support you and your son. We have a friend, who's son is over in Iraq right now on his second tour. I pray the Obama and Hillary do NOT become out president.


Airborne Dad,

Been running a little behind in reading posts since my paratrooper got home last week but I feel the same was the rest of the gang does. I love this county but the vast majority of them are about as bright as a dim light bulb. They only see what is on TV and Jerry Springer. I liked MM suggestion of a rally at military posts to show support. A couple of hundred people milling around with flags and a band playing patriotic songs should get some news and if we hit several bases who knows maybe a revelation!

Anonymous said...

I understand your son is home now. Thank God!! I just want to tell you that he's much appreciated and prayed for daily.
Thanks from my family to yours.