Saturday, December 1, 2007

Off topic: The one percenters go to Washington

On Wednesday, Gayle attended a reception for artists who had decorated ornaments for one of the many trees in the White House. It was our first - and probably only - invitation to a White House function. First Lady Laura Bush chose National Parks as the theme this year and we have two here in Jacksonville. The superintendent asked Gayle to do the ornament for Fort Caroline National Memorial.

Mark was the first choice as the guest but he had to jump out of a perfectly good airplane at Ft. Bragg Wednesday and couldn't make it. I was the guest of last resort.

With all of its history, the White House can be a very intimidating place. Wolf Blitzer from CNN was interviewing the President upstairs in the Map Room while we were there and the leaders from Israel and Palestine had been in the Rose Garden earlier. Yikes.

The picture below was taken by acclaimed wildlife artist Michael Glenn Monroe who happened to be walking by with his family. He did the Holiday in the National Parks booklet artwork for the White House. His work can be found at

At the north entrance to the White House.

Looking out from the State Dining Room

It's up there somewhere.

The Fort Caroline National Memorial ornament

First Lady Laura Bush welcomes the artists, decorators and their guests.


MightyMom said...

that's beautiful!! you're lovely wife is very talented!


dude! I HATE jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!! won't find me on a perfectly good boat that sinks ON PURPOSE either for that matter!

Infantry Dad said...

Congrats to Gayle.
What a beautiful ornament.
What a wonderful honor.
Too bad you didn't get to talk to GW.

I missed Marks birthday!
Hope it was a good one.
I'm sure if what he got was a hug, he was grateful for it.
There's nothing like being in a war to make you appreciate the little things in life.

Airbornedad said...

Thanks Mom, we had quite the time. It was a very big deal for Gayle.

And Dad, Mark cautioned about off hand comments at the White House. :)