Saturday, October 27, 2007

Team colors

Every year, Jacksonville plays host to one of the great football rivalries, the Florida-Georgia game a.k.a. the world's largest cocktail party.

So in making my rounds this a.m. - convenience store, post office etc. - almost everyone is wearing team colors: Blue and orange if you are a Gator, red and black if you are a Bulldog.

Today, I am wearing my team's colors that happen to be red and white - for the Red Falcons, the 1st battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment.


liberal army wife said...

Yesterday, on the Metro trip to the Armory to get the packet for DH's running of the Marine Corps Marathon, there was a SEA of orange (clemson) Today, I wear the Grey Army TShirt, and so does he.



Infantry Dad said...

I, like LAW, wear the grey Army tshirt frequently in tribute of the guys and girls serving.
People ask if I'm in the Army.
I say not anymore, but my heart and soul are.
I wear the shirt because I like people to ask. I am proud to explain why. And more than willing to tell people what it means to be a family member of someone serving.
A onepercenter.
Thank you for creating this blog.
Though we've never met, because of our comunication I fell like you are a long time friend.
Thanks for your concern, and sharing.
You are a true patriot.

Airbornedad said...

I have been shameless about wearing my Army t-shirts...and I live in a Navy town. Mine's OD green, though, and Mark gave me a Red Falcon shirt for Xmas last year.

And you are right: while we've never met we share a common denominator that can't be divided. We have sons at war.